Board of Governors Motions for September 25, 2018

The following motions were approved by the Board of Governors at the September 25, 2018 meeting:

Motions Approved in Open Session:

THAT the Board of Governors:

1.     Establish a Presidential Search Committee (Search Committee), with the following terms of reference:

a) To coordinate, with the assistance of a Search Consultant appointed by the Management Resources and Compensation Committee of the Board, the search and recruitment of candidates for President and Vice-Chancellor.

b) To develop, following consultation with the university community, the criteria to be used by the Committee to evaluate candidates, and to report the criteria to  the Board for approval.

c) To operate within the Presidential Search Committee Principles and Charter of Expectations, as approved by the Board of Governors. The Search Committee may set up its own procedures provided they are consistent with the Principles and Charter and on the understanding that the search will be a confidential search.

d) To interview candidates, and to conduct thorough reference and other due diligence checks.

e) To identify a candidate who the Search Committee recommends to the Board of Governors for appointment as President of the University. Only if the Board does not approve the Search Committee's recommendation, shall the Search Committee recommend a second or further candidate as may be necessary.

f) To submit its recommendation to the Board no later than November 30, 2019.

g) To report, in general terms to each Board meeting on the progress of the Search Committee and to provide information and regular updates on the process to the university community by means of a Presidential Search website and other appropriate communication vehicles.

2.     Approve the composition of the Presidential Search Committee with 15 members, as follows:

  • The Chair of the Board of Governors, as Chair
  • The Chancellor, as Co-Chair
  • The Chancellor-elect, who will be elected in December 2018
  • Five members elected by the Board of Governors (to include one student)
  • Five members elected by the Senate (to include at least one Dean or Director and one student)
  • One member appointed by the University of Manitoba Faculty Association
  • The Support Staff Assessor to the Board of Governors
  • The University Secretary, as non-voting Secretary to the Committee
  • A vacancy on the Presidential Search Committee may be filled at the discretion of the Management Resources and Compensation Committee. A member of the Presidential Search Committee does not cease to be a member by virtue of ceasing to be a member of the estate from which she or he was appointed or elected

3.     Approve the Presidential Search Committee Principles as outlined in Appendix 1; and

4.     Approve the Presidential Search Committee Charter of Expectations as outlined in Appendix 2.

The Board received for information the following items:

Report of the Senate Committee on Awards – Part A [dated June 21, 2018]. (Approved by Executive Committee August 28, 2018)

University of Manitoba GFT Pension Plan (1986) and University of Manitoba Pension Plan (1993) Independent Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2017