Board of Governors Motions for May 17, 2011
The following Motions were approved by the Board of Governors at the May 17, 2011 meeting:


THAT the Board of Governors approve:

  •  a tuition fee increase on all programs of 1% excluding specific professional program fees which were approved in 2010 to be effective 2011;
  • the operating budget based on total revenue, fund transfers and expenditures of $537,776,744; and
  • financial plans for Research and Special, Trust and Endowment and the Capital Budget for the year ending March 31, 2012

THAT the Board of Governors approve the Parking Regulations.

THAT a $3.00 per credit hour contribution be assessed against the students in the School of Art for a two-year term commending in the fall of 2011 as outlined in a letter from Paul Hess, Director, School of Art, dated April 5, 2011.