Expense Claims

Before Creating an Expense Claim

Before creating a Concur expense claim for reimbursement, you will require a Reference Number (RN) and a FOP.

  • An RN# is a six-digit number used to differentiate between trips and travelers in the Concur system and FAST.  Every flight/trip for each individual should have its own RN.  The RN# should always to be entered in the Report Name of your claims.  This is how we file each expense claim and its backup.
  • A FOP is the Fund, Organization, and Program that will be used to issue your reimbursement. If you do not know which FOP to use, please speak to your Business Manager or Budget Officer.

Expenses for Reimbursement

University-related business expenses reimbursed through the Concur system may include:

  • Transportation: airfare, baggage fee, seat selection, vehicle rentals, taxis, parking, shuttles, buses, trains, mileage, fuel
  • Accommodations: Hotel, Air B&B, token given when staying with friends/relatives (with receipt).
  • Meals: with receipts, hospitality, or per diem allowances
  • Conference registration
  • Professional memberships

The expenses may be purchased using the University Travel Credit Card, or you may seek reimbursement after going out of pocket for these expenses (with the exception of airfare as that is allowed only on the University’s Corporate Card or the personally issued University Travel Credit Card.

Documentation and Requirements

Documentation of expenses must be comprehensive and the original detailed receipts or other original documentation (such as conference agendas or departmental pre-approval forms) must be included. Receipts must clearly itemize the charges in detail.
Note: Credit card slips are not sufficient, though are helpful when submitted along with a Missing Receipt Affidavit, discussed below

In the case of a lost or missing receipts, the Claimant must complete the Missing Receipt Affidavit in order to claim the expense. This can be done electronically within a claim by the claimant (not a delegate), or on the paper form, found here.

Claims for Hospitality and Alcohol expenses must include a detailed receipt and a list of attendees at the event, along with a written account of the business purpose. Reimbursements exceeding $40 per person require the approval of the Dean/Director or higher (no alcohol may be claimed on research grants). Meal or hospitality expenses with alcohol must itemized, coding alcohol separately to the Meals.

Claims for miscellaneous items should include an explanation as to how they relate to University business.


An approval flow is the approval path that your claim must take in order to be processed. Your claim is likely to be subject to several levels of approval.

Many departments have a designated "pre-approver". This is someone who will review your claims before they go to your one-over-one and any other approvers. If your claims are routed to a pre-approver, your expenses are still required to be approved by your direct one-over-one. Your pre-approver may forward it to your one-over-one and add any additional approval steps, or may require you to add them. Check with your pre-approver or one-over-one for the procedure you'll need to follow within your unit.

Please note that:

• The signing authority for any fund used in the claim needs to be added to the approval flow. For example, if you are submitting a claim against a research grant for which you are not the Primary Investigator, you will need to include the Researcher, who is the primary signing authority on that research grant, to approve it.
• Certain exceptions in your claim (for instance, hospitality and meals with receipts exceptions) require specific approvals be obtained within the claim. If Dean/Director approval is required for an expense, they will need to be added to the approval flow. If Vice-President approval is required for an exception to the Travel and Business Expense Claims Procedure, a VP exception form will need to be attached to your claim – please contact Travel Services for the form if you need it.