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 November 4, 2021
Notification to Businesses and Individuals Doing Work at the University - Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement.

Bid Opportunities
In accordance with the New West Partnership Trade Agreement  (NWPTA), Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), current opportunities at the University of Manitoba can be viewed at Bid Opportunities


Bid Results
Construction Stipulated Sum Tender Awards over $250,000

Construction RFP's and Non-Stipulated Sum Tender Awards over $250,000

Contractor Pre-Qualification

Application for Pre-Qualification (General / Mechanical / Electrical Contractors)
The University of Manitoba is changing its prequalification process and source list contractor categories. The University will be posting Requests for Prequalification (RFPQ) for General, Electrical and Mechanical Contractor service categories and will be subsequently refreshing its prequalification source list on a 3-5 year cycle. The first cycle will start in May. Contractors currently prequalified in the three categories that wish to have opportunities to be invited to bid on future work at the University after October of 2022, regardless of their existing status with the University, must be prequalified though this RFPQ and must be added to the new Source List.

An RFPQ for General, Electrical and Mechanical Contractor services will be posted on Bonfire on May 10, 2022.

Existing contractor prequalification lists below - except for Hazardous Materials Abatement Contractors and Roofing Contractors - will be removed from the Purchasing website and will no longer be valid when the RFPQ awards are finalized (anticipating Fall/Winter 2022).

The University will continue to prequalify Hazardous Materials Abatement Contractors and Roofing Contractors using its current standard process as follows:
Hazardous Materials Contractor prequalification list is static and not up for review at this time.
Roofing Contractor prequalification cycle will be ending in 2023. Contractors are invited to return to this page for further information regarding prequalification to that category.

There will be no change to the Interior Signage Suppliers, Environmental Consulting Services or Graphic Design prequalification.

Project Specific Pre-Qualified Suppliers/Contractors Listings

Project Specific Pre-Qualified Suppliers approved to participate in the upcoming 24.9 kV Electrical Re-Servicing Tender Project

Project Specific Pre-Qualified Contractors Approved to Participate in the Upcoming University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus Concert Hall Development Tender Project

Pre-Qualified Contractors Listings (valid until Fall/Winter 2022)

General Contractors



Hazardous Building Material Abatement Contractors for Construction and Renovation Projects


Fire Protection


Civil/Surface Works

Native Revegetation

Historic Building Masonry Restoration


Pre-Qualified Masonry Contractors for Masonry Repairs Projects for Bannatyne Campus

Pre-Qualified Interior Signage Suppliers
Interior Signage Supplier Listings
Pre-Qualification Application for Interior Signage

Pre-Qualified Environmental Consulting Services
Pre-Qualified Environmental Consultants
Pre-Qualification Application for Environmental Consulting Services

Graphic Design Pre-Qualification
Pre-Qualification Application for Graphic Designers
Pre-Qualified Graphic Designer Listings

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions - valid for all Purchase Orders issued to suppliers.

Service Agreement Terms and Conditions - valid for all Contract Numbers issued to suppliers.

Standard Contract Terms and Conditions - valid for all contracts unless the supplier has signed a separate contract agreement with the University

Best Value Procurement at the University

Non Resident Contractors 
If a Contractor is a non-resident of Canada (including, an individual, sole proprietor, organization, corporation or partnership) supplying services within Canada, the University is required to withhold fifteen percent (15%) of the payment(s) pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada) unless the Contractor has obtained and provided to the University, prior to the payment being issued, a CRA Waiver indicating that the University is not required to withhold tax on behalf of the Contractor. More information can be found at:

CRA Waiver Application
Tax treatment of non-residents who perform services in Canada