Making a Purchase

With the implementation of new systems, the University of Manitoba has experienced some process changes. Two significant changes were the introduction of Concur and EPIC. Each of these systems left most of a paper based process in the past and each introduced new processes with affiliations with different credit cards. Determining which process to use and when, isn’t always a simple task.

Table A - General Purchases and Expenses

Purchase or Expense   EPIC  Purchasing Card  Travel Card Personal Card   Concur  Other
Airfare           ✓  
 Aramark Catering            Use CaterTrax
 Car Rental while travelling     ✓  ✓  ✓   
Conference registrations       ✓ ✓     
Courier charges            Use Sierra Courier ETRAC Service 
Culligan Water / Shredding Services            Direct arrangement with supplier 
 Goods / Services  ✓  Note 1        
 Guest bookings          ✓ May use paper form process 
Hospitality      ✓  ✓    Use CaterTrax for on campus catering 
Hotels while travelling       ✓ ✓  ✓   
 Incidental expenses while travelling      ✓ ✓     
 Independent Contractor Agreements (ICAs) to suppliers  ✓         Note 2 
Meals while travelling       ✓ ✓     
 Memberships, subscriptions, professional dues, etc.    ✓ ✓   
Institutional Memberships (non-individual)
 Payments to individuals           Note 2 
Secondments to suppliers   ✓         Note 2 (for individuals) 
Taxi while travelling       ✓  ✓    

Note 1: If the supplier does not accept a purchase order, the Pcard can be used if the cost is within the Visa limits
Note 2: If the agreement is with an individual who does not have a business number, please use the HR workflow at to determine the process



The IT Procurement Centre (ITPC) supports and manages the process of all IT-related purchases.

Table B - IT Related Expenses

Purchase or Expense  EPIC  Purchasing Card  Travel Card Personal Card   Concur  Bookstore
Hardware see Note 3  ✓           ✓
 IT Consulting Services          
 IT Hardware Repairs ✓           
 Software & Support ✓           ✓

Note 3: This includes items such as desktop & laptop computers, tablets, servers, cell phones, printers, copiers, routers, switches, and firewall hardware



Every transaction in EPIC requires a minimum of 1 approval from a signing authority to approve the expenditure.   
Additional approvals could occur on a requisition (PR) based on what is being purchased, the supplier it is being purchased from, the value of the item, the overall value of the request or the type of funding being used for the expense. When an additional approval is required based on WHAT is being purchased it is called a commodity approval.

The following table defines the configured commodity approvals & the group responsible for the approval in EPIC.


Table C - Commodity Approvals in EPIC

 Commodity Type  Approvers
 Animal Purchases  Animal Care
 IT Hardware, Software & Services**  IT Procurement Centre (ITPC)
 Firearms  Purchasing Services
 Gift Cards  Travel Services
 Printing & Duplicating Equipment  IT Procurement Centre (ITPC)
 Radioisotopes  Environmental Health and Safety Office
** Purchases processed to the UM Bookstore in EPIC do not require additional approvals from ITPC

Interested in all the specific commodity codes that require approvals in EPIC? Please click here

EPIC Purchase Requisition

An EPIC Purchase Requisition (PR) needs to be done prior to a purchase being made. The Purchase Order (PO) results from a fully approve PR and should be generated before the invoice arrives to avoid any payment difficulties. A purchase requisition can be used to request a variety of products or services including office equipment, business cards, printing, sports equipment, window cleaning services and more!

Exclusive Supplier Agreements - Order your requirement from these exclusive supplier agreements.


Exclusive/Preferred Supplier Listing 

Refer to the EPIC Quick Reference Guide on the Aurora Finance Training & Support webpage for steps on how to create a Purchase Requisition in EPIC.

EPIC Contract Requests

A Contract Request (CR) is available/required for various purposes. Approved requests result in the creation of a Contract in EPIC that is generated through the assistance of Purchasing Services. Often a contract will be set up for a service in which you can't always determine when a service will occur or how much it will cost. For example, if you are using a photography company for events to take a varying amount of pictures it cannot always be determined when and how long the services will last. Using the contract request allows invoices to be processed against an approved contract in EPIC for a specified amount of time. Contract Requests are generally used when written agreements with negotiated terms approved by all parties involved have been finalized. A Contract Request may include, but are not limited to:
    a) Independent Contractor Agreements (ICA) with a business
    b) Secondment Agreements with a business
    c) Construction projects & related agreements
    d) Supply/Service Agreements (e.g. tendered agreements for University wide purchases)
    e) Informal/Department specific agreements (e.g. maintenance, utilities)

Do you think you need a contract?  Please contact Purchasing Services or at (204) 474-8348 to discuss your request.

EPIC Non PO Invoices

The following list identifies what kinds of invoice expenses are valid through the Non-PO process. If the invoice relates to one of the expenses below, the invoice can be processed through EPIC after the invoice is received using the Non PO Invoice form.

  • Subscriptions - excluding licenses, software, other computer related items, subscriptions for individuals
  • Fees for:
    • Exhibitor
    • Abstract or manuscript submission
    • Reprint
    • Page Charges
  • Journals
  • Directories
  • Permits
  • Sponsorship Payments

Please note: Invoice expenses not listed above will not be accepted through the Non-PO Invoice process.

Refer to the EPIC Quick Reference Guide on the Aurora Finance Training & Support webpage for steps on how to create an EPIC NON-PO Invoice.