Competitive Bidding Process

As of Friday November 28th, 2014, the competitive bidding process changed. These changes help streamline the procurement process in EPIC by empowering Faculties and Units on more of their purchases while maintaining controls where required.

What Are the New Thresholds?

  • Purchase Requisition amounts are increased to add Purchasing Services to the approval flow for review and approval from $2,500 per item to $10,000 per item.

    • To facilitate the purchase of items over $10,000 you may obtain and attach three supplier quotations to your EPIC Requisition.
    • Requisitions over $50,000 in total will normally be posted for competitive bids by Purchasing Services.
    • Although not automatically configured, the same $10,000 per item, $25,000 per order approval thresholds will manually apply to Contracts, i.e. competetive tendering by Purchasing Services is not required under these thresholds.

  • The requirement to complete the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) documents for services over $5,000 has increased to $25,000 for businesses.

    For Payments to Individuals (as opposed to businesses in EPIC), an ICA form is required for over $5,000 amounts. Please see the HR Payments to Individuals site for more information.

Please use the links below to find more information on providing goods and services to the University of Manitoba.

Information for Suppliers

Bid Opportunities

For further details or assistance, contact Purchasing Services (204) 474-8348