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Finance News
Finance News is a series of newsletters to support you in the financial processes at the University.

Choosing Account Codes
Specific types of expenses are accepted on the Non-PO invoice process in the EPIC system which allows an invoice to be processed when a purchase order or contract have not been set up in advance. Ensuring the appropriate type of invoice and the correct account code is used on these transactions streamlines the process while reducing errors in the financial reporting tools.

Choosing Account Codes for a Non-PO Invoice published August 2021

Managing Expenses
Different types of expenses for goods & services used across Faculties & Units for individual Faculty, Staff, Students and Guests occur daily at the University. The type of expense it is and what is for can change how the expense needs to be managed. 

Managing Expenses at the University of Manitoba  published July 2021

Stay tuned for more! 

Pre-Approval on Travel & Business Expenses

A recent memo was released as a reminder that all Faculty and Staff must gain pre-approval on travel and business expenses with the exception of those incurred on research funds or travel and expense funds (Pooled Travel funds) for UMFA members (as per clause 27 UMFA collective agreement).

A FAQ has been prepared to help guide you through this change, please review the FAQ here.

Personal Protective Equipment Available

To assist Faculties and Units obtain standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a UM Central Procurement Initiative was launched in August 2020. This initiative uses the power of the University's institutional procurement volumes, resulting in significant savings and provides access to PPE in a supported and timely manner.

An ordering form is available in EPIC for you to order PPE directly from our UM Central Stores.

Standard inventory items include:

1.     Disinfecting Wipes
2.     Hand Sanitizer (liquid and gel)
3.     Disposable non-medical masks
4.     Cloth reusable masks
5.     Face shields
6.     Nitrile and neoprene gloves

To view the images of the items, visit the Available Personal Protective Equipment document.

Please review the How to Order PPE in EPIC document to begin using this new form and FAQ on this process.


Financial Services Pandemic FAQ

Financial Services along with the University community continues to work together to navigate COVID-19 and its impact on students, faculty and staff.

The following frequently asked questions are to help you through transactional changes within Financial Services during this time. These FAQ will be updated as needed. Financial Services Frequently Asked Questions

As our teams will be primarily working remotely, we ask that you use email to communicate with us to ensure ongoing support.

Thank-you and take care!




Financial Services Operations and COVID-19

Financial Services along with the University community continues to work together to navigate COVID-19 and its impact on students, faculty and staff.

All executive members at the University of Manitoba have made it a top priority to help slow the spread of infection to the best of their ability and are following local, national, and international protocols.

As a result, many of our offices are physically closed although we will continue to support you from remote locations.

Staff are making every attempt to respond to questions and we suggest you communicate through normal email channels. There has been no interruption in payments to employees or suppliers.

Students who owe money can make payments electronically. In-person payments are currently not available. Payment instructions can be found at:

While UM is taking proactive and preventive measures to help reduce transmission, we also want you to be well: Wash your hands often; practice social distancing. If you are ill, please stay home.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we work together as a community to navigate these extraordinary circumstances.