Capital Accounting & Asset Management Policies & Procedures

Capital Policies & Procedures

Capital Equipment Inventory Control Policy & Procedure
Guidelines for Capital Purchases
Ownership of Research Equipment Purchased from Grant or Contract Funds
University Motorized Vehicles
Art Collection Policy & Procedures






Disposal of Capital Assets / Equipment

Surplus Equipment can be either disposed or sold. To determine the method and procedure to use, please visit the below links: 

     Disposal of Surplus Equipment.
2.     General instructions for completing an Asset Disposal Advice Form.

Note: The disposals of Computers, Laptops, Servers, Printers or Electronic Devices, that may contain an internal memory/drive, are processed utilizing the Decommissioning form found here

Please contact the
IST Help and Solutions Centre for more information regarding this procedure.

Asset Disposal Form 

Please use one form for each of the disposal types below:

  • Re-Shop
  • E-Waste Recycle
  • Transfer (within Campus)
  • Report missing/stolen
  • Dismantle
  • Offer for Sale
  • Donation
  • Trade-In
  • Garbage

For Refrigerators and Freezers, please contact Physical Plant Work Order desk at for the removal of Freon and coolants prior to submitting the disposal form.

For multiple capital assets on one disposal form, a typed (not handwritten) list of all items can be attached.

Non Capital Asset Disposal Form

Please use the form for the disposal of Non Capital Asset:

  • Waste Prevention Office Re-Shop
  • Recycle
  • Garbage 

Inquiries relating to Capital Assets:

If you have the property number of the equipment and require the information to complete the disposal form, please send the request to to obtain the details.

Capital Equipment Inventory Listing Report contains active and/or inactive equipment for department or special funds. Please send request to



Other Forms and Documentation:

Equipment Off Site Record Form (Not applicable for equipment used at remote research centers. For example: labs or hospitals.)

Final Disposal of Laboratory Equipment Form (Please note Section D has to be reviewed and signed by EHS prior to submitting the form to Capital Management Accounting)

Requirements for Departing Researchers

Garage Sale Requirements

Garage Sale

Goods for Sale, Private Sale and Donation Requirements

Goods for Sale