Your Gift in Action

When you make a donation to the University of Manitoba, it has a lifelong impact. It resonates through the outstanding students we graduate, the groundbreaking research we conduct and the state-of-the art facilities we construct. The stories below are just some examples of the power of philanthropy on our campus.

Science grad’s gift equips students for the future

In the 1940s, Mary Boyd was one of the few women who pursued a degree in science. Her resourcefulness and determination allowed her to have a successful career as a government scientist and she never forgot her alma mater. Boyd passed away in 2010 and left a substantial bequest to the University of Manitoba with $1.272 million going to the Faculty of Science Endowment Fund. Gifts like Boyd's help purchase new equipment that enable students to do their work in a fraction of the time and with more precision and accuracy. "These are tools that students will absolutely have to know how to use wherever their careers take them," says Jamie Galka, a biochemistry instructor. Learn more about Boyd and the impact of her generosity. 

Engineering student becomes Rhodes Scholar

Tyler Grant, a fourth year Biosystems Engineering student, was the only Manitoba recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship for 2010. A highly motivated and driven student, Grant wants to become a biomedical researcher and an orthopedic surgeon. He was moved to learn more about biomedicine after watching his grandfather recover from hip replacement surgery. He finds orthopedics a “worthy undertaking, particularly in light of the aging population and their expectation for mobility for life.”

In the Faculty of Engineering, Grant helps with student activities and works as a teaching assistant. He’s won numerous awards for his undergraduate research, presented papers at international conferences, and will be graduating this spring, likely near the top of his class.

Biosystems engineers integrate life sciences with engineering to help create new technologies for the well-being of humans and animals, and the preservation and enhancement of natural resources and the environment.

Graduate fellowships open a world of opportunity for our students. Your support helps students discover new ways of understanding our world.

This is Chibuike's story:

"I have been fortunate to receive other academic scholarships that provided me with adequate time to conduct and publish my research, and also travel awards to various national and international conferences; thus I have enjoyed social and academic networking with the most influential people in my field from across the globe... The networking opportunities have helped expand my horizon in scientific research, communication and leadership. By and large, the prestigious graduate fellowships that I received from the University of Manitoba and other national and international sources have contributed immensely towards my academic training and have placed me ahead of most of my peers from across the world."
- Chibuike Udenigwe; Food and Nutritional Sciences, PhD


Helen's story:

"Books, tuition, class schedules, committee meetings, family obligations, employment expectations, exercise and sleep -- life can get quite hectic. Because of the generous support from donors to the U of M's graduate fellowship fund, I am able to dedicate my efforts to full time study and not worry about juggling employment responsibilities on top of homework and class schedules. One less piece to fit into a tight puzzle makes life a lot easier."
-Helen Lepp Friesen; Education, PhD


Sarah's story:

"In addition to funding, I appreciate the intangible support and encouragement offered by scholarships. It is the reinforcement of knowing that yes, my education is important, and yes, the work I am doing, and will do in the future, is important. I feel like there are many people out there who are cheering me on; their investment and trust in students' potential -- in my potential -- is inspiring, and I hope that one day I can give back to the university community just as much."
- Sarah Cooper; City Planning, Master's


Alejandra's story

"For me, funding means freedom. As an international student, having financial support enables me to further develop my potential and devote my time to research and academic activities. Funding allows me to not only study here but to also develop my career and one day immigrate to Manitoba."
- Alejandra Zaragoza Scherman; Psychology, Master's




Hossein's story:

"The turning point in my academic life was the moment I was told I would receive a four-year scholarship and a graduate fellowship. These awards meant I could give up some of my non-research work and they gave me the opportunity to spend more time on PhD research. Travel awards allowed me to attend different conferences and present my research to a broader community. I am so thankful for the University of Manitoba and all the
generous donors whose support changes the lives of many graduate students."
- Hossein Pourreza; Computer Science, PhD