Taché Arts Project

The Taché Arts Project will bring the School of Art, the Desautels Facutly of Music and our theatre program together at one site, located immediately adjacent to ARTlab, encouraging creative collaboration between music, theatre and visual art faculty and students.

The transformation of the historic Taché Hall is part of a larger plan to restore the university’s aging buildings, offering students modern places and spaces that inspire. The building’s 360-room layout is well-suited to the requirements for practice rooms, thesis rooms, faculty offices and student studios. As well, the existing load-bearing masonry structure is the foundation for excellent acoustic isolation. Prominently located in the quadrangle, the complex will be built around Taché Centre Block and include several performance and exhibition sites, all in a central hub.

Taché Auditorium will be reinvented as the 150-seat Conklin Hall Theatre, which will be the new home of the Black Hole Theatre Company. And the Taché Oak Room, which once served as the main student dining hall, will become the music library. Sustainable development is a priority during the re-purposing of Taché Hall; this new creative centre is targeted for LEED Silver certification.