Southwood Lands

Interim Use

The University of Manitoba is pleased to open the Southwood Lands to the community for passive recreational use, including walking, running, cycling, frisbee, etc. 

Pedestrian gates, which have been installed around the perimeter of the lands and are clearly marked, will stay unlocked at all times. (The U of M service gates will remain locked.)

The university asks that users pay close attention to all posted signage, specifically safety warnings around the retention pond and riverbanks.

To help maintain the beauty of this park-like space, the university has been:

  • Maintaining all pathways;
  • Seeding the majority of existing turf with low-growing native plant species;
  • Removing hazardous trees and providing regular preventative tree maintenance;
  • Filling and seeding all sand traps;
  • Treating ponds with an environmental friendly product to reduce the amount of stagnant water and algae.

About the Southwood Lands

In January of 2008 a purchase agreement between the Southwood Golf and Country Club and the University of Manitoba was in place that would see the Southwood Lands transferred to University ownership. The University of Manitoba took posession of the 120 acre former golf course in 2011.

The Southwood Lands began as a riding club near the end of the 19th century, and would later transform into the Winnipeg Hunt Club (1908). A seven-hole golf course was added to the Winnipeg Hunt Club in 1918, with an expansion to nine-holes in 1923.
In 1919, additional land was acquired from the Agricultural College, and the Norwood Golf Club (est.1894) joined the Winnipeg Hunt Club to form the Southwood Golf Club. 

Willie Park Jr. of Musselburgh Scotland was engaged in the original design of the golf course, while in 1925 the famed Landscape Architect Stanley Thompson redisgned the Southwood Golf Course. This was Thompson's first eighteen-hole design within Canada.

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Southwood Gate Locations

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