Requisition to Transfer Records (RTR)

Transfer of University Records to Archives & Special Collections

When business records of the University that have been identified to have archival value are no longer being actively used, University of Manitoba offices, faculties, departments and schools can arrange to transfer them to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections or the Faculty of Health Sciences Archives.

If you are unsure whether a record has archival value, please refer to the Common Records Schedule for retention requirements.

Records transferred to the Archives may still be retrieved by the creating office for as long as needed, and the access and privacy provisions in The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) continue to apply to the transferred records. In order to ensure speedy retrieval of any materials transferred to the archives, you must retain a copy of all approved Requisition to Transfer Records (RTR) forms which include the RTR number and Accession number.

Records Subject to Transfer to Archives

The following procedures are intended to cover University business records.

University records are all records; regardless of format or medium– created, received, used or maintained by officers and employees in the course of their duties on behalf of the University. Records transferred to the Archives are those records identified by the Archives as having long-term legal, operational, or historical use. Routine administrative records, such as personnel records, department-level financial records, student files, and transitory records should not be transferred to the archives. Appraisal of records for archival value should be conducted by the Archives prior to transfer of records, preferably at same time records are scheduled for retention and disposal. Many Archival Records series have been identified on the Common Records Schedule.

To arrange for scheduling of records or appraisal of records to be transferred, contact the Records Manager at: Personal records and records that are created or acquired by faculty members pursuant to their individual responsibilities for teaching or research should not be transferred under these procedures. To determine which faculty member records Archives would be interested in, please refer to the University Professor Donor Guidelines on the Archives website. Arrangements for transfer of personal or non-University records to the Archives can be made by contacting the Archives directly.

Procedures for Transferring Records

  1. Identify Records: The creating or transferring office must first identify the records to be transferred. Transfers of records should be grouped into series (according to records authority schedules) Separate Requisition to Transfer Records (RTR) forms should be completed for each record series to be transferred. For assistance with identifying and arranging records for transfer, please refer to the Common Records Schedule or contact the Records Manager at:

  2. Prepare RTR form: In identifying the records, creating or transferring offices must include the following information using the Requisition to Transfer Records (RTR) form:

    • The primary creators and custodians of the records [Faculty/Department/Office name(s)]
    • Contact information for a staff member who is knowledgeable about the records
    • The Series Number (if assigned)
    • A clear descriptive title of the records to be transferred (Series title, if assigned)*
    • A brief description of the records
    • A date range of the records to be transferred
    • Applicable access restrictions
    • File list

  3. Submit RTR form: Send Requisition to Transfer Records form to the Access and Privacy Office for approval. They will contact you if further details are required, or provide you with a copy of the approved form once the transfer has been approved. The copy of the RTR form you receive back will include the RTR number and Accession number, which are key for tracking records once they have been transferred to Archives and in their custody.

  4. Pack boxes: Once a transfer number has been issued, the creating or transferring office should pack the records for transfer. Where applicable, you can use standard one cubic foot banker’s boxes, or for smaller amounts, a padded envelope is sufficient. Transfers must have a copy of the corresponding RTR form attached to the outside of the packaging.

  5. Transfer boxes: Archives staff will arrange for a transfer of records, and contact you to let you know when you can expect a pick up.


Last Updated: February 26, 2020

Requisition to Transfer Records (RTR) Form


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