The Personal Health Information Act

PHIA applies to all records containing personal health information in the custody or under the control of the University of Manitoba.

The purposes of the Act are:

  • To provide individuals with a right to examine and receive a copy of personal health information about themselves maintained by a trustee, subject to the limited and specific exceptions set out in this Act
  • To provide individuals with a right to request corrections to personal health information about themselves maintained by a trustee
  • To control the manner in which trustees may collect personal health information
  • To protect individuals against the unauthorized use, disclosure or destruction of personal health information by trustees
  • To control the collection, use and disclosure of an individual's PHIN, and
  • To provide for an independent review of the decisions of trustees under this Act

Obtaining Access Under the Act:

Under the Act, a person has the right to examine and to receive a copy of his or her personal health information (PHI) subject to the exceptions of PHIA.  At the University, PHI may be held by a faculty, department, division, program, centre or service, health care unit or health services agency. 

A request to access your own PHI must first be made by contacting the University unit or office where you believe the records are held.  You may be asked to put the request in writing and it should include your name, address, phone number, signature and date of signing.   Please note that prior to being allowed to examine your record, the office that holds the record must confirm your identity through photo or other appropriate identification.

If  you are requesting PHI on behalf of another person, you will be referred to the Access and Privacy Office and you will be asked to provide a written request.  Prior to the release of any information, the Access and Privacy Office, and if necessary, the Office of Legal Counsel, will require you to verify your identity. 

Before a record containing PHI is released for viewing, the office holding the record and/or the Access and Privacy Office will first review the record under the provisions of the Act.  If the record does not contain any third party or otherwise confidential information, the record may be examined in the office that holds the record.  A copy may be provided if requested.


Last Updated: October 25, 2017