How do I...

These 'How do I...' pages were created to give you a shortcut to information. For more indepth information, please see an academic advisor at the First Year Centre.

Subject Area How do I…
Arts Transit to Arts?
Email Activate My myumanitoba Email Account?
Booklist Check My Booklist?
Contact Info Update My Contact Information?
Financial Aid Apply for Financial Aid?
Health and Dental Plan Opt Out of the Health and Dental Plan?
ID Card Obtain a Student ID Card?
Locker Get a Locker?
Parking Pass Obtain a Parking Pass?
Privacy Manage My Privacy?
Register Register for Courses?
Recreation Services Membership (Gym Pass)  Activate My Recreation Services Membership?
Repeat a Course Repeat a Course?
Science Transit to Science?
St. Boniface University Take Courses at St. Boniface University?
Student ID Card Obtain a Student ID Card?
Transit to Arts or Science Transit to Arts or Science?
Tuition Check My Tuition Fees?
Tuition Pay My Tuition Fees?
Upgrade Upgrade Grade 12 Courses?
Voluntary Withdrawal Voluntarily Withdraw?
Additional Information
Career Services
Student Counselling Centre
Science Help Centres
Student Life
Free Tutoring Program

September 1, 2016