Upgrading Your High School Courses

If you are lacking a prerequisite course from high school that is required for a university-level course you must take in your first year, you have a few options to upgrade:

High School prerequisite Upgrade course available at U of M Comments
Biology 40S BIOL 1000 Is a 3 credit hour course
Cannot be held with BIOL 1020
Requires a grade of 'C' or better
Chemistry 40S CHEM 0900 Is a non-credit course
Is a Pass/Fail course
Math 40S (Essentials, Applied or Pre-calculus) Math Skills MATH 0100 Is a non-credit course
Prerequisite for Pre-calculus level Math
Requires a grade of 60% or better
Physics 40S PHYS 0900 Is a non-credit course
Is a Pass/Fail course

You may also choose to upgrade courses off campus at an Adult Education Centre. For more details, view the Upgrading Courses page through Undergraduate Admissions, or speak to an academic advisor for more information on centre options and transferable credit.

May 26, 2016