Full-time vs. Part-time Status

The University of Manitoba defines:

  • Full-time Student Status as 9 credit hours (3 courses) per term or more
  • Part-time Student Status as less than 9 credit hours (1-2 courses) per term

As a first year student you may take a range of courses from as few as 3 credit hours per term (1 course) to as many as 15 credit hours per term (5 courses).


What are the admission requirements for the first year requirements or your target degree?
  • If you are in University 1 and you wish to qualify for admission to your intended degree program in the shortest amount of time possible, then you need to take at least an 80 -100% course load (24-30 credit hours) in first year.
  • Different degree programs will require differing credit hours, but the minimum to complete University 1 and apply or transit to a degree program is 24 credit hours.
  • To find out your intended degree’s requirement look for the Minimum Credit Hours and Minimum Course Loads listed under the ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS FROM UNIVERSITY 1 section for each degree listed in Degree Programs.


Do you need to meet course load requirements to receive tuition funding?

  • If you have been awarded a scholarship, student loan or other type of funding it is important that you know the course load amount necessary to meet your funding requirements.
  • Some funding agencies, such as Government Student Loans, Sponsorship Agencies and University scholarships will likely have minimum course load requirements that stipulate the number of courses you must take in a term or over the entire academic year (September to April).


Check out Financial Aid and Awards to find out more about the various funding options and the requirements before you plan the number of courses you will take in first year.

Do you need to upgrade your high school prerequisites along with your university courses?

Many degree programs have courses that require the completion of High School Grade 12 courses. Specifically Grade 12 Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics are courses that may be needed to take your first year university-level courses.

  • If you did not complete these requirements in high school, your options are to take these courses as part of your schedule at university or at an Adult Education Centre.
  • These upgrading courses will be need to be scheduled into a timetable along with your university-level courses, however as they are not worth university credit they will not count in your overall course load total.
  • If you require a certain course load to receive your funding or benefits then you will need to schedule more courses to increase your course load to the appropriate amount for each term.


May 13, 2015