/rə'fīn/ verb.

To improve by making small changes.


You have arrived at the halfway point of completing your first academic term at University. The weeks leading up to this point have guided you to numerous resources and opportunities. Take some time to reflect on what has worked well and what needs to be changed or adjusted. And remember — you don't need to do this alone.

Arrow pointing to the right Check out the tips below to help refine your strategies.

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Refine your study strategies as you prepare for upcoming exams. Check out your final exam schedule now posted on Aurora under Enrolment & Academic Records or click My Exams on the U of M App.


Refine your path and connect with Career Services to begin your own career exploration and development. Use Your Career Starts Here Web shop to find out how to plan for your own career and employment success.


Refine your goals by seeking feedback from advisors, faculty, tutors and the Academic Learning Centre. Feedback at this time will reinforce your progress as you continue to adjust to the rigor of university level courses.

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Refine your schedule. Now is an excellent time to check in with an academic advisor to explore degree program requirements, upcoming semester schedule changes and the VW deadline date.

Former U1 student

"I would invest more time in figuring out what I wanted to do. In high school I was only exposed to a handful of career options and so without much exploration I picked a path without realizing the other great options out there."

Former U1 student

Introduction to the First 6 Weeks Program