/'baləns/ verb.

To bring into or maintain in a state of equilibrium.


University can be stressful, and that's a fact! With the intensity that can come from the first few weeks of classes, you may find yourself slightly off balance as you attempt to manage multiple deadlines. In order to be effective in your studies you must not forget your personal health and wellness.

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Balance your day with activity to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and achieve better grades. Get your body moving today by claiming your Student Membership to the Active Living Centre.

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Balance your lifestyle and check out the U of M Student Health and Wellness program on Facebook for ideas, tips and resources to support the health of your mind, body and spirit.

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Balance your mind by engaging in the wide range of free and confidential services offered year round through the Student Counselling Centre and University Health Service.


Balance your academics with extra-curricular activities and consider joining an Intramural Sport or Rec Club through Recreation Services or volunteering.

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"When I started University, I wish I had known more about the many student groups, volunteering opportunities, and Bison recreation services. Education is the most important aspect of university, but a balanced lifestyle is essential to success!"

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