/kuh-nekt/ verb.

To become joined or united.


The University of Manitoba is a community of diverse individuals with ample opportunity to be connected. With over 150 student groups on campus and the province's largest students' association, UMSU, the opportunities to get involved and connected with others who share your interests and values are endless.

Arrow pointing to the right Here are just a few ideas of the different ways in which you can connect on campus and help to shape your time here at the U of M.



Connect outside the classroom and learn more about local, international and co-curricular opportunities at the U of M through Student Life or International Centre for Students.




Connect with peers by attending an on-campus event which could include a Bison home game- free with your Active Living Student Membership!




Connect with your interests. Connecting with those who share similar interests and values can be a great resource when you need support or guidance. Find a community at UMCommunityLINK.


Connect with an academic advisor who can help you plan your academic program, suggest opportunities, and discuss progress. Need to know where to find an advisor? Click here for a listing.



Former U1 student

"The one thing I regret about my first year was that I didn't participate in many campus activities and events. I typically went to class, sat at the back and then bolted out of there when I was done. I wish I had stuck around and taken more time to get involved in my first year. It took me a couple years to learn the activities and events that you partake in make your university experience a memorable one."

Former U1 student

Introduction to the First 6 Weeks Program