/plan/ verb.

Decide on and arrange in advance.


With increased responsibilities and workload, preparation will be key to staying on top of all of your commitments. Planning early on will ensure that you know what to do and when you need to do it to stay in control of your academics.

Arrow pointing to the right Use the list below as a guide to supports to make your plan the best one for you.



Plan on managing time and deadlines by using your course syllabus to map out when and what course content you will be studying each week. Visit Create a Study Schedule for tips.


Plan to attend class and use the Learning Cycle to increase your understanding of course material and to make the most effective use of class time.


Plan on taking notes. Effective note taking in class is essential. To get the most out of your lectures and learn how to take notes visit the ALC note taking guide.



Plan your study space. Need a space to get together to complete a group project or a quiet space to review notes? Check out the spaces on campus to find the best fit for you.


Former U1 student

"I would spend more time in preparation for classes. I realize organizing and reviewing course content before lectures would have helped me to be better prepared to learn and would have given me the confidence to ask specific questions while in class."

Former U1 student

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