ARTS 1110 (W) Intro to University

ARTS 1110 Introduction to University is a 3 credit-hour course designed to prepare incoming students of all achievement levels to make the transition to the university learning environment. The course content focuses on the principles of learning and memory, critical thinking, and academic writing. ARTS 1110 acts as a written requirement credit for most faculties and schools.

The course features:

  • Small seminar sections in which students practice writing academic papers in a supportive environment;
  • Opportunities for students to explore the ideas that excite them personally;
  • Faculty who have an interest in, and commitment to, the success of first year students.

Permission Form

Most students are eligible to take ARTS 1110 without permission. The permission form is only necessary in unusual circumstances (e.g., if the course is full on Aurora, if the student has taken more than 60 credit hours, etc).


Contact Us

Dr. Michael O’Brien-Moran Michael O’Brien-Moran, Ph.D., Senior Instructor and Program Coordinator
Syllabus (PDF)
Stephanie Crook Stephanie Crook, M.Ed., Assistant to the Coordinator
Syllabus (PDF)
Dr. Monique Dumontet Monique Dumontet, Ph.D., Instructor
Syllabus (PDF)
Kathy Block Kathy Block, M.Ed., Instructor
Syllabus (PDF)
Tim Podolsky Tim Podolsky, M.Ed., Instructor
Syllabus (PDF)
Miriam Unruh Miriam Unruh, M.Ed., Instructor
Syllabus (PDF)
Antoanela Denchuk Antoanela Denchuk, M.Ed., Instructor
Syllabus (PDF)
Jim Honeyford Jim Honeyford, Ph.D., Instructor
Syllabus (PDF)

January 15, 2019

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Applications are now being accepted.

Summer University Advantage

Summer University Advantage

Summer University Advantage (SUA) provides newly admitted students with the opportunity to begin their studies in the summer. SUA enables students to experience a university lecture as well as to be a part of small groups through which they can practice writing and research skills. Students will have the advantage of gaining their written requirement credit (applicable to most faculties and schools), as well as preparing for university before the Fall term begins. This year, SUA will be held from July 29 through August 24, 2019. The application form to take ARTS 1110 through SUA is available here.