ARTS 1110 (W) Intro to University
ARTS 1110 (W) Intro to University, is a 3 credit hour course designed to help students make the transition to university.  It covers academic writing and research skills, and identifies ways for students to learn and study more efficiently.


The course features:

  • A curriculum that focuses on skill development in academic writing, reliable research, critical thinking, and effective study strategies;
  • A curriculum that facilitates the development of time management and exam preparation skills;
  • Small seminar sections in which students practice skill development in a supportive environment;
  • Opportunities for students to explore the ideas that excite them personally;
  • Faculty who have an interest in, and commitment to, the success of first year students.


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Dr. Michael O'Brien-Moran
Senior Instructor / Coordinator
Stephanie Crook
Research Assistant

August 15, 2016