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Coming Fall 2016

The University of Manitoba is committed to meeting the needs of all commuters. Bike racks and enclosed facilities are a few ways we currently provide parking for cyclists. As part of providing more options for commuters' needs, new bike lockers are being installed to securely house your bicycle and bike accessories on campus.

Bike lockers offer easy weather-protected parking, year-round. This locker is uniquely designed to withstand Winnipeg winters.

Individual lockers will be available for a rental fee by term.


Thanks to the feedback from our info sessions, improvements to the bike locker have been identified. The final design is being modified to better service the needs of our users.

The prototype is 75 inches long and 50 inches tall. Due to the wedge shape, the door is the widest part of the locker at 33 inches wide.

If you are interested in the locker, contact for more information.

We are still accepting feedback on the bike lockers, fill out the form below for a chance to win a free bike locker rental.