The University of Manitoba Jazz Camp

Jazz Camp
August 17 - 23, 2014

A jazz experience for all ages:
Junior and Senior High School and University Students, Instrumental and Vocal Musicians, and Music Educators with an interest in Jazz

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Who Should Attend?

The University of Manitoba Jazz Camp strives to foster the growth and development of jazz skills. Enrolment is open to anyone with an interest in furthering their jazz performance skills. Junior and senior high students, university students, jazz musicians and music educators are all encouraged to attend.

The camp will strive to achieve an instructor/student ratio of 1:10 to ensure a personalized experience for every participant.


Learning is based on the small ensemble setting. Students will work on the concept of rhythmic interaction, dynamic interplay, and call and response. Students will likewise develop improvisation techniques while building their jazz repertoire. Chord symbols, song form, chord progressions, and ear training will be covered.

  • Bass players will receive a comprehensive bass line construction method to take home with them.
  • Pianists will get instruction on rhythmic composing.
  • Drummers and all rhythm section players will receive instruction on the proper performance of the ‘two’ feel and Afro-Cuban ‘son montunos’.


Vocalists will be grouped together to focus on the skills and concepts essential for the solo jazz singer, and will perform as soloists with an experienced rhythm section. They will work on the skills and concepts that a jazz vocalist needs to master:

  • communicating with a rhythm section
  • repertoire
  • improvisation
  • choosing keys
  • intros and endings


Concerts integral to the Jazz Camp are the Cool Wednesday Night Hang, the Winnipeg Art Gallery Jazz Concert, and Student Finale concerts.


More than ever! Up to twenty scholarships are available to band and choral programs in Manitoba. Each school is eligible to award a $50.00 scholarship to a deserving student based on the music instructor's recommendation. In addition, six $150.00 scholarships will be awarded at the Brandon Jazz Festival. Another six $150.00 scholarships, courtesy of University of Manitoba Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music and Summer Session, will be awarded.

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For further information

For information on registration, fees and withdrawals contact:

Warren Otto (204) 474-8006
Toll free in Canada 1-888-216-7011 ext. 8006