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Studio FLAT provides an exciting environment where composers and performers develop their creativity.

About Studio FLAT

Research in computer assisted composition and experiments in interactive computer music are natural complements to traditional instrumental and vocal music composition. At Studio FLAT, we have the facilities and expertise to make activities in computer music possible.

A creative environment

Production of new music is the most prominent activity at Studio FLAT. We regularly collaborate with  performers from the Desautels Faculty of Music in the creation of compositions for instrument(s) and loudspeakers. Research-related collaborations extend outside the university and Canada.

Concerts are natural outcome of the activities in Studio FLAT and our multi-channel loudspeaker systems make each concert a unique acoustic experience. At our concerts we perform pieces both with and without live performers.


Research at Studio FLAT focuses on modeling musical structures. The objective of the research is to develop new methods for music composition and deepen our understanding of how musical parameters interact and make musical sense (i.e. pitch, rhythm, harmony, metric structures, gestures, etc).

Through the creation of new computer music, composers explore how a performer's action and intention can make the computer react in a way that makes musical sense. Sensors and input devices are used to detect performers action. A computer is programmed to respond according to the progression of a musical composition.