Study Spaces - Frank Kennedy and Extended Education
Frank Kennedy
Unfortunately, the Frank Kennedy building does not have any designated study spaces for students. However, the following classrooms can be used when classes are not being held:
  • 133 Frank Kennedy
  • 136 Frank Kennedy
  • 193 (Extended Education)

Extended Education

Room 181

Open 24hours a day, 7 days a week

Room 181

This room contains roughly 25 study carrels with lights and plugins, as well as 3-4 tables with chairs. This room is a quiet zone and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This study facility it ONLY for Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreational Management students.This room is secured with a passcode door lock. To gain access to the password faculty students from Kinesiology and Recreational Management receive an e-mail from faculty administration in the beginning of each term with the carrels password. 

Purchasing a locker in the Extended Education hallway will NOT provide you access to the carrels code anymore. The carrels located in Extended Education are strictly for faculty of Kinesiology and Recreational Management students ONLY. 

Locker fees for the 2017-2018 school year are $60.00 for faculty students and bison athletes and $80.00 for non faculty. Locker rentals go from September 7th 2017 to April 27th 2018.

Computer Lab (Room 188)

Room 188

This computer lab has 14 computers and several soft couches that seat roughly 20, with built-in outlets. There is also a TV where students can plug in PowerPoint presentations. Free printing is available however it uses a dot-matrix printer – in other words not the kind of printer you'd want to use to produce your essays! The noise-level in this room is at a low murmur.

This room is ideal for individual students and groups. This lab is very well equipped and thus allows students a lot of flexibility in their study styles.