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 Podcasted Episodes

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Oct 2 - Student group profile: AISEC (Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales). Interview with Temi and Mack.

 September 29 - Student group profile: UMSWING. Interview with Lisa Semchuck, VP Finance.

 September 18 - Interview with Bill Morrison, co Author of the Walrus article
"The Uses and Abuses of University".

July 30 - Interview with the University of Manitoba Space Applications and Technology
Sociey (UMSATS). Discussing their student satelite project, laser beams, and outer space.

July 10 - Interview with Matthew Stewart from World WISE.
Learn about exchange opportunities, Stephen Lewis, and Matt's initiative in Tanzania.

June 26 - Visited by Joel from the International Centre for Students.
Learn about how you can take advantage of international exchange opportunities
and what resources are available for international students.

June 19 - Visited by two participants from the Ecuador Service Learning experience.
Learn about what it takes to get involved in international opportunities.

June 12  - Interview with two varsity athletes. Learn more about the life of a U of M Bison athlete.

June 5 - Learn about the Academic Learning Centre with Monique

May 29- Learn about service-learning and international opportunities available at the University of Manitoba