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Located at 225 University Centre, Student Life offers learning and personal development opportunities. Student Life connects students to leadership, volunteer, peer mentorship and service-learning opportunities, creating connections to local and international communities. Students are given the opportunity to challenge their boundaries, and engage in the community around them.

The Student Life office offers a selection of programming, varying from one-day commitments to five-week international experiences, with roles ranging from being an active participant to mentoring other students.

Let us be your connection to the community.

Visit the office today to learn more about the opportunities available to you.

We welcome new undergraduate and graduate students in the Fall and Winter Terms at Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses through various new student transition programs.

We connect students to other students, to supports and services and to the institution.

We engage students in high quality service-learning, student leadership, peer mentorship and volunteer experiences on campus, in the community and aboard. We celebrate students for their achievements and contributions through the Co-curricular Record, the Emerging Leader Award and the Emerging Leaders Dinner and the President’s Scholars Society.

And all of the above is achieved because we collaborate with students, our colleagues and our community partners.

Through our programs and services, every student can create their own exceptional and fulfilling student experience with opportunities to learn, grow, thrive, belong and be celebrated.

Student Life welcomes, connects, engages, and celebrates students through programs and services, which foster a stronger sense of self and a will to contribute to the well-being of others and their communities.

Student Life has selected the following five priorities which stem from our mandate, our vision and our mission.

  • Priority 1: Deliver comprehensive transition programs for new students such as pre-arrival, online, summer orientation, fall/winter orientation, and ongoing support
  • Priority 2: Connect students to one another, to timely and relevant information and to the broader campus community.
  • Priority 3: Provide a variety of opportunities for students to engage with enriching co-curricular experiences
  • Priority 4: Celebrate students for their achievements and contributions in a coordinated and intentional way
  • Priority 5: Establish and enhance our relationships with faculties and continue to develop multi-dimensional partnership with community agencies involved in the delivery of our programs and services


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