Spiritual Care Coordinator

Edgar French has a Master of Arts in Theology, is a registered member of the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care and serves on the provincial executive board. Edgar has had ten years of ministerial experience providing spiritual support to individuals and families of all backgrounds and beliefs, to both the local parish and the neighbouring community at large.

He has worked in the clinical setting as a spiritual care provider and a member of the clinical interdisciplinary team, providing spiritual care to patients facing medically related grief and loss, particularly patients dealing with end of life matters. Edgar's services on campus help students cope with loss, crises and transitions by assessing and addressing how their spirituality (values and beliefs that contribute to a sense of purpose, meaning and identity) provides resilience.

His method of care is attentive to and respectful of the uniqueness of ideals and life-styles, including religious affinities, which shape student identity. It draws from the wisdom of care that affirms health as not simply the absence of a physical or psychological ailment, but a person's ability to find meaning, hope and purpose in the face of suffering.