Did you know?

Did you know that if you are taking any classes this Spring/Summer students are required to re-activate at the beginning of each term in order to receive accommodations. To re-activate, you can just email the SAS General Office, student_accessibility@umanitoba.ca, or your Accessibility Advisor, notifying them that you will be taking classes. If you do not re-activate, we have no way of knowing that you are taking courses and may not be able to have your accommodations in place.

Spring/Summer 2018

If you require test or exam accommodations for Spring/Summer, the SAS online system requires at least 7 days (1 week) advance notice to accept the booking. You will receive a confirmation email once the booking has been processed. If you do not receive this email, the exam is not booked and SAS has not reserved space. Please keep your confirmation email until the exam date has passed in case of any technical difficulties. Also, the SAS online system allows you to check any booked tests/exams to confirm your schedule. SAS advises that you book your tests/exams as soon as you receive notice, i.e. upon receipt of your class syllabus.

Service Disruptions

The Service Disruptions webpage shares information about disruptions on our campuses that could affect users of all abilities to access services. Building, construction, roadway and transit notifications are listed.

Student Accessibility Services is here to support you and provide reasonable accommodations based on your documented disability. Did you know that if you are already registered with Student Accessibility Services, you have to reactive your account every term? This is done by contacting your Accessibility Advisor/Specialist directly, emailing reception at student_accessibility@umanitoba.ca, or calling us at 204-474-7423.