Student Affairs Participation Award

This award honours a student at the University of Manitoba who has maintained high academic achievement while demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities in making a significant voluntary contribution to the university and/ or broader community.

Congratulations to all of our award winners!

Amanda Anderson, Faculty of Engineering (Biosystems Engineering) and Susan Gottheil, Vice-Provost (Students)

2019 - Amanda Anderson, Faculty of Engineering (Biosystems Engineering)

Past Student Affairs Participation Award Winners:

2018 - Allison Balasko, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences (Department of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases)
2017 - Andre Marchildon, Faculty of Engineering
2016 - Shayne Reitmeier, College of Medicine
2015 - Matthew Sanscartier, M.A. Sociology
2014 - Rebecca Earley, Faculty of Arts (Psychology)
2013 - Allison Birch, Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources
2012 - Alexa Yakubovich, Faculty of Arts (Psychology)
2011 - Lindsay Bristow, Faculty of Arts (Honours)
2010 - Megan Lusty, Faculty of Engineering (Biosystems Engineering)
2009 - Omar Adan, Faculty of Social Work
2008 - Pam Desrochers, Faculty of Agriculture
2007 - Candice Baker, Faculty of Human Ecology
2006 - Meredith Leigh Mitchell, Faculty of Arts
2005 - David H. Ames, Faculty of Science
2004 - Alim Pardhan, Faculty of Medicine
2003 - Kimberly Goerzen, Faculty of Education / Music
2002 - Dale Smith, Faculty of Social Work
2001 - Robynne Kazima, Faculty of Social Work
2000 - Harpreet Singh, I.H. Asper School of Business
1999 - Colin Kazima, Faculty of Science
1998 - Nichola Brown, Faculty of Arts
1997 - Tamara Lamb, Faculty of Nursing
1996 - Ann MacIntyre, Faculty of Social Work
1995 - Not Awarded
1994 - Joseph Hebert, Faculty of Nursing
1993 - Not Awarded
1992 - Francois Bernier, Faculty of Medicine