Tuition Fee Appeal

Step 1

If you are submitting a Tuition Fee Appeal (TFA) for courses you were granted Authorized Withdrawals (AW) from, the first step is to complete the Tuition Fee Appeal form (see image below on what to look out for on the Registrar's Office page).

Tuition Fee Appeal form - What to look out for on the Registrar's Office page

Step 2

Attach a copy of your AW request package, and the response letter from your faculty. Be sure to include copies of any supporting documentation (e.g. doctor’s note, counselor or psychologist’s note, an obituary or funeral program) that you handed in with your AW letter to receive your Authorized Withdrawals. These copies will all be attached behind the TFA form.

Step 3

Attach a cover note explaining that you were granted AWs and are now requesting a fee refund from the courses. Then you can sign and date the TFA form. Be sure to keep a copy of the completed form for your records.

Note: The Registrar’s Office will only consider a fee appeal up to 1 academic year following the date of the withdrawal. For example, if you were granted an AW between September – April 2016 your appeal must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office before the end of April 2017.

Step 4

Now you are ready to submit your completed TFA form, AW letter, and supporting documentation to the Registrar’s Office at 400 University Centre. TFA processing times vary greatly (approximately 1 month). Submitting a complete appeal package, as well as, providing required information will help to ensure your request is processed in a timely way. You will receive email notification from the Registrar’s Office with the outcome of your appeal.

For more information, contact:

Student Advocacy
520 University Centre