History and Past Integrity Weeks

History of Academic Integrity Weeks

In October of 1997, the first Academic Integrity Week was staged, and this year we are preparing for Integrity 10.

The goal of this annual event is to draw the attention of UofM students and staff to the importance of academic integrity. The activities and programs are planned to provide awareness and information to all members of the university community with a focus on engaging and educating students.

By now, the university community is familiar with the yearly event. This project has been recognized for its innovative approaches and in 1998 and 1999 received program awards from CACUSS (Canadian Association for College and University Student Services).

Over the years we have partnered with various offices and personnel who have similar interests in the topic of Academic Integrity. These units have collaborated with us to offer educational programming (e.g. workshops), provide financial or resource support and assist with event promotion within their respective faculties and departments.

Through out the years we have had various themes, events, and programs aimed at the goal of promoting the importance of and educating the university community about academic integrity. Below is a summary of some of the projects that we have undertaken over the past ten years.

Academic Integrity Week (1997)
For our inaugural event, we had several guest speakers promoting and discussing academic integrity. We also facilitated a faculty workshop on "Promoting Academic Honesty". A forum for graduate students was held on the topic of "Issues of Academic Integrity". Peer education booths were set up in various locations on campus, entitled "Do the Right Thing". Finally, we displayed daily films under the general theme of "Did they do the Right Thing?".

Integrity II (1998-99)
For our second year, we continued to set up educational booths with draws for prizes. Once again, we invited a keynote speaker as well as held a panel session. Information sessions were held in conjunction with the Department of Computer Science. There was also a graduate student forum, U1 information sessions, UTS workshops for grad students, as well as an interview on UMFM radio.

Integrity III (1999)
Due to the success of our booths, we continued this activity into our third year, and added fun games, handouts, and draws for prizes. Other events included an academic integrity forum for graduate students, a film 'Fest' for students, and a workshop for faculty entitled "Conducting Fair Hearings".

4 Integrity (2000-2001)
The focus of 4 Integrity was to conduct research on the topic of academic integrity by modifying Donald McCabe's survey on student attitudes toward cheating. The surveys were distributed at booths set up on campus. Students who completed the survey were able to enter a draw for prizes.

Integrity V (2001-2002)
In follow up to our student survey from the previous year, we conducted research on U of M Faculty perceptions of cheating. We distributed the results of our student surveys at booths. We also placed a "Test your Academic Integrity IQ" table topper on tables in high traffic student areas including cafeterias and study spaces.

Integrity VI: Integrity and Technology (2002-2003)
For this event, we chose a theme to focus the topics of our activities. Partnering with University Teaching Services, the fall 2003 edition of the UTS newsletter was devoted to the topic of academic integrity. The feature articles were written by UTS, Student Advocacy and Libraries staff. We also collaborated with Academic Computing and the Libraries to offer computer facilitated sessions for students on internet search strategies, using web resources in papers, and evaluating web site contents. In addition, we circulated the results of student and faculty surveys from the previous two years.

Integrity VII (2003-2004)
We designed a new poster to advertise academic integrity information and the services our office provides. These were widely distributed throughout the campus. Other advertising occurred through banners in University Centre, the Student Advocacy website, and U1 email lists. A feature article on the topic of academic integrity was written by a UofM student journalist and published in the Manitoban. The main initiative this year centered on offering workshops to U1 99.111 students under a program entitled "eTools, a collaborative initiative of Student Advocacy, Learning Assistance Centre, Academic Computing and the Libraries. These sessions gave students a hands-on opportunity to learn about researching and referencing using web resources. UTS Newsletter November 2003 edition was devoted to Academic Integrity and staff contributed articles. We also co-sponsored the 3rd Annual UTS Teaching and Learning Symposium which focused on Academic Integrity and brought in Dr. Donald McCabe as the keynote speaker.

Integrity 8: A matter of ethics (2004-2005)
Many of our activities were technology related. We presented ethical questions to the university community through our web site and invited responses. We continued to adapt and revise the eTools workshops for U1 99.111 students (these were co-presented with the Learning Assistance Centre).

Integrity 9 (2005-2006)
The focus of Integrity 9 was on graduate student issues. We offered two workshops, one entitled "Writing and Citing" presented with Learning Assistance Centre and the other "Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity" offered for CHET students. In addition, we continued to add and update information on our website for students to access. We also submitted an article for the Residence newsletter that provided information about the office and academic integrity.

Integrity 10 (2006-2007)
This year, we have several activities planned, including an audio conference on "Creating and Maintaining a Climate of Civility on Campus", workshops on "Writing and Citing" for graduate students (a continuation from last year, due to high demand and interest), and a workshop for international students (through U1 and International Centre for Students) called "Acting with Integrity: Know Your University's Expectations!" We will also be promoting academic integrity and adding information and resources to the new Virtual Learning Commons website.

Integrity 11 (2007-2008)


One of the important aspects of making our academic integrity week events successful is the interest of other offices and services on campus to work collaboratively with us in our endeavours. Without their participation and support, many of our activities would not have been successful. Some of these partnerships include University Teaching Services, Learning Assistance Centre, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University 1, International Centre for Students, Libraries, Faculty Development Fund, Pepsi Contingency/Ancillary Fund, GSA and UMSU (donations of space for advertisements).

We are always looking for ways to partner with others on campus. If you are interested in being involved in our Academic Integrity Week events, or have an idea for an activity or event you would like to see, we would love to hear from you. We also are able to conduct presentations and workshops for specific groups/classes/programs, so if this is something that interests you, please contact us 474-7423 or Student_Advocacy@umanitoba.ca

Integrity 14 (2010-2011)

The 14th annual Academic Integrity Week will be held February 14 to 17, 2011. Events, programming, and promotions include:

Visit our booth for a chance to win prizes by playing the "Wheel of Misfortune" game, and to enter a draw for a Bookstore Gift Card. All prizes are courtesy of the Science Students Association, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Arts, and Faculty of Science.

Integrity 15 (2011-2012)

The 15th annual Academic Integrity Week will be held November 21 to 25, 2011. Events, programming, and promotions include: Academic Integrity Booths highlights: spin the Integrity Wheel of Chance, prize draws, information and fun! Game Show: grab some friends and test your knowledge about academic integrity for a chance at winning some great prizes! Tips for succeeding at University : Fun and interactive session about academic integrity.