Credit Hours Needed per term to be considered Full Time



Full Time Status is determined on a per term basis. To be considered full time, most undergraduate students must be enroled in at least 60% of a full course load for the program in which they are registered.  For example, in a program in which the normal full load for a Fall/Winter Session is 30 credit hours, full time status is based on 60% of a full term load of 15 credit hours. In this example a student would need to be registered in a minimum of 9 credit hours in a term to be considered full time for that term. As the course load varies between years within a program, faculties have determined a minimum number of credit hours required for each term applicable to all years for specific programs. If you are uncertain of the number of credit hours required to be full time in a term in your program, please consult a Student Advisor in your faculty.


Graduate Students


Note that, with the exception of students in programs in which fees are assessed on a per credit hour basis (MBA, Social Work by Dist Ed, Occasional, Pre-Masters), graduate level students are considered full time, unless approved by the department and the Faculty of Graduate Studies for part time study. Students in the programs noted above will be assessed as full time or part time by the rules used for undergraduate students described above (i.e based on registered credit hours.)


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Credit Hours Needed per term to be considered Full Time