Do you have the Prerequisites for your Classes?

To all students, thank you for your patience during the introduction of the Aurora Student system.

While I believe many students had a very positive first experience with the new system, some students experienced difficulties in registration and fee assessment and may have experienced delays in seeking assistance. Please accept our apologies for this and know that university staff has worked very hard to provide the assistance you need. Please read the important information below regarding prerequisite checking; repeats and equivalent courses, and how these affect your grade point averages; and withdrawing from courses while on hold.

Reminder: Revision deadline for Fall Term and Fall/Winter Term courses is September 20 (12 midnight).

  • Last day to add Fall Term or Fall/Winter Term courses
  • Last day to drop a Fall Term or Fall/Winter Term course and receive a full refund on tuition.

Do you have the Prerequisites for your Classes?

During the recent registration period you were permitted to register in courses provisionally if you were enrolled in the prerequisite course during Summer Session or if you had only interim high school grades on your record.

As well, although the Aurora system was set up to check for prerequisites, in the case of some courses students may have been permitted to register without the published prerequisite.

Faculties and schools responsible for teaching your courses may be checking to ensure that students have the appropriate prerequisite grades and may withdraw students who do not meet published requirements. It is your responsibility to be aware of and meet course prerequisites.  If the faculty responsible for teaching your courses does not remove students who do not meet prerequisites, students who choose to remain in affected courses do so at their own risk.  Withdrawal after September 20 from courses for which you do not have the prerequisite will be subject to the published deadlines and rules for fee refund and voluntary withdrawal.

If you are unsure of your course prerequisites, please consult the Aurora Student catalog of courses or discuss this matter with your faculty student advisor.

Are you repeating a course?

Please be reminded that the University of Manitoba has introduced two new rules with respect to repeated courses.

First, the grade that will count toward your cumulative grade point average (cgpa) and your degree grade point average (dgpa) is the grade from the last attempt.

  • Note: This policy affects calculation of the cgpa and dgpa, but does not change the calculation methods normally used for admission purposes. You must consult the Admission Application Information for the faculty or school you will be applying to to determine how repeated courses are treated for admissions purposes.
  • For information on how this policy affects your past grade point averages consult the Registrar’s Office website at > Transcripts and Verifications > Pre and Post September 2006 Transcripts

Second, there is a new limit on the number of times you may repeat a course. You may now repeat a course only once for credit.

  • If you have taken a course more than once in the past, you may have been granted permission to take the course once more this year.
  • This limit applies to courses that are equivalent. E.g. MATH 1500 and MATH 1510 are different versions of introductory Calculus, but are considered equivalents and are counted as repeats.
  • If a course description states that the course may not be held with another, this means they are considered repeats.

Is a course you are taking equivalent to another you have taken?

As stated above, some courses overlap content and, although they are offered under different titles and course numbers, they are considered equivalents. In this first registration period, the Aurora system was unable to block registrations in some equivalent courses. Regardless of whether the system was able to block registrations, such courses are still considered equivalent and you will only be able to hold credit in your program for one of these credits. As these courses are considered repeats, the credit and grade form the last attempt will be the one that counts. This attempt will also count as your last allowable attempt in the course content.

Read the Calendar Course Description

To ensure that you are taking courses that you are academically prepared to take and that fit into your current program, please refer the course descriptions in the printed 2006-2007 Undergraduate or Graduate Calendar, or check the course description online in the Aurora Student Catalog of Courses.

Withdrawal While on Hold.

Aurora Student will not permit a student to withdraw a course while you are on hold. If you are on hold and must drop one or more of your courses, please contact the Registrar’s Office or the Cashier’s Office. The hold will be temporarily lifted to permit the course withdrawal.