Student Recognition

Please note:  In Fall 2011 the Student Recognition process changed and a new Co-Curricular Record was created.  For more information on getting recognition on the new Co-Curricular Record, please visit the Student Life website.

For information on Student Recognition for terms prior to Fall 2011, keep reading!

Apart from a student's formal academic learning, experience in the governance of the University is considered desirable as part of "the maturing process of human interaction," and, as such, it should be recognized. Such recognition may be an incentive for students to become more interested and more active in the administrative functions of the University.

Active student participation on the following bodies is recognized: Board of Governors, Senate, Faculty Council, Department Council, Presidential Committees, Faculty/School Student Councils, UMSU Council, and their related standing, ad hoc and sub-committees.

Such recognition is printed on individual student transcripts in the following form:

  • "Active member of the University Senate"
  • "Active member of 'X' Committee"

The term "active" will be assessed by the chair of the body concerned using the following general guidelines:

  1. Attendance at 66% of the meetings in regular spring/fall sessions;
  2. The body must convene at least three times per year.

The students concerned are responsible for obtaining the necessary forms from the Registrar's Office, completing them, having them signed by the appropriate chair, and returning them to the Registrar's Office by May 1 for inclusion on that year's transcript.

Student Recognition form