Pre and Post September 2006 Transcripts
If a student attended The University of Manitoba for both undergraduate and graduate work, all courses will appear on the single record. Separate grade point averages will be maintained for work taken as an undergraduate student and as a graduate student. Note that this may result in undergraduate courses being included in a graduate GPA if the student took the courses while enrolled as a graduate student (and vice-versa).

Due to changes in U of M policies on grade point average (GPA) calculations, effective September 2006, students whose study took place both prior to and after September 2006 will have two parts to the official transcript. Part 1 will include a record of all work completed prior to September 2006. Part 2 will display only courses completed after September 2006. Part 2 of the transcript will, however, include the credit hours and quality points for courses completed prior to September 2006. GPA calculations on part 1 will be in accordance with faculty based policies in place prior to September 2006. GPA’s on Part 2 of the transcript will be based on new institutional policies and will be applied to all courses completed, both before and after September 2006. Please see refer to the Grades section for information on the calculation of grade point averages.

Students will note two main changes:

1. Former: Cumulative Grade Point Averages were calculated on all courses transferred to and completed within a faculty/school program of study.

New: Cumulative Grade Point Averages are calculated based on all courses transferred to and completed at the University of Manitoba at the same level of study (Undergraduate or Graduate).

2. Former: Repeated courses had a different effect on GPA calculations dependant on the faculty of registration. Some faculties counted all grades in the GPA, others counted only the highest or the last grade achieved in the caseof repeated courses.

New: All faculties will count the last grade achieved in the case of repeated and equivalent courses.

Note: Students must consult the relevant Applicant Information Brochure for information  on how repeated courses are cacluated in admissions grade point averages.
Note: Students will normally be restricted to one repeat of a course or its equivalent.