Students who took Certificate courses and/or individual non-degree courses through Extended Education prior to May 2014 must order their transcripts through Extended Education by completing the Extended Education Transcript Request Form.

If all of your Certificate courses and/or individual Extended Education courses were taken after May 2014, please continue with the process outlined below.

 Order a Transcript
What is an Official Transcript | Transcript Elements
Pre and Post September 2006 Transcripts | Web Transcripts

Order a Transcript

Transcripts are $13.50 each (subject to change) and can be ordered online through Aurora, in person, by mail or by FAX. Transcripts cannot be ordered by phone.

  • You can order a transcript online from Aurora (payment by credit card, Interac and Visa Debit only).
  • You can order a transcript in person at the Registrar's Office, 400 University Centre.
  • You can order a transcript by mail to the address shown below by sending a completed Transcript Order Form (see link below) or a written signed request containing detailed instructions and enclosing payment by cheque, Visa or Mastercard (include number and expiry date). Cheques should be made payable to the University of Manitoba.
    Mailing Address : University of Manitoba / Transcript Section / Registrar's Office / 400 University Centre / Winnipeg, Manitoba / R3T 2N2
  • You can order a transcript by FAXing a completed Transcript Order Form (see link below) or a signed written request with your signature on it and your Visa or Mastercard number (include expiry date) to 204-269-1065. Note : As unsigned faxes are not acceptable you cannot order by fax directly from your computer.
  • If you want someone else to pick up your transcript you must give that person a signed authorization identifying the person, and that they are authorized to pick up your transcript.
  • For orders placed at the cashiers office or sent by Fax or mail there is no guarantee of 48 hour service.

Order Transcript Online

Transcript Order Form (PDF file)

What is an Official Transcript?

The Registrar’s Office issues official transcripts of academic activity and achievement. Official transcripts are normally required to support applications for admission to academic programs at another institution and to support employment applications when requested.

A transcript is a comprehensive record of a student's academic performance as recorded at the University of Manitoba including courses transferred, credit by challenge, and degrees awarded.  The transcript is formatted to list your entire U of M course history, grades, and GPA information in chronological order.

Official transcripts are printed on security paper with the University of Manitoba seal and signature of the Registrar.

Transcript Elements

The transcript contains the following information:

  • The student's name and address.
  • The student identification number.
  • A list of all courses taken at The University of Manitoba, including any courses taken through off-campus programs.
  • All credit and grades awarded.
  • A list of all courses taken at other universities which were accepted for transfer credit.
  • Academic awards and scholarships.
  • Any U of M degree awarded to the student along with the degree date.
  • The student's term, degree and cumulative grade point averages.

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Pre and Post September 2006 Transcripts

If a student attended The University of Manitoba for both undergraduate and graduate work, all courses will appear on the single record. Separate grade point averages will be maintained for work taken as an undergraduate student and as a graduate student. Note that this may result in undergraduate courses being included in a graduate GPA if the student took the courses while enrolled as a graduate student (and vice-versa).

Due to changes in U of M policies on grade point average (GPA) calculations, effective September 2006, students whose study took place both prior to and after September 2006 will have two parts to the official transcript. Part 1 will include a record of all work completed prior to September 2006. Part 2 will display only courses completed after September 2006. Part 2 of the transcript will, however, include the credit hours and quality points for courses completed prior to September 2006. GPA calculations on part 1 will be in accordance with faculty based policies in place prior to September 2006. GPA’s on Part 2 of the transcript will be based on new institutional policies and will be applied to all courses completed, both before and after September 2006. Please see refer to the Grades section for information on the calculation of grade point averages.

Students will note two main changes:  

  1. Former: Cumulative Grade Point Averages were calculated on all courses transferred to and completed within a faculty/school program of study.
    New: Cumulative Grade Point Averages are calculated based on all courses transferred to and completed at the University of Manitoba at the same level of study (Undergraduate or Graduate).
  2. Former: Repeated courses had a different effect on GPA calculations dependant on the faculty of registration. Some faculties counted all grades in the GPA, others counted only the highest or the last grade achieved in the caseof repeated courses.
    All faculties will count the last grade achieved in the case of repeated and equivalent courses.

Note: Students must consult the relevant Applicant Information Brochure for information on how repeated courses are cacluated in admissions grade point averages.
Note: Students will normally be restricted to one repeat of a course or its equivalent.

Web Transcripts

Students may view a complete record of academic activity on their web transcript available through Aurora Student. The web transcript is unofficial and should not be used by students for external purposes. The main difference between the information appearing on the official transcript and the unofficial web transcript is the treatment of coursework completed prior to September 2006. On the official printed transcript this prior work appears in the pre-September 2006 format and GPA calculations are in accordance with faculty rules in place at the time the course were taken. On the unofficial web transcript, GPA’s that include any courses taken prior to September 2006 will be in accordance with new GPA rules only. Please see the section on Grade Point Averages for current methods of GPA calculations.

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Updated Aug 13, 2018