Challenge for Credit

The purpose of Challenge for Credit is to provide students of the university with some means of obtaining academic credit in University of Manitoba courses (not otherwise obtainable as a transfer of credit from other institutions) for practical training and experience, or reading and study previously completed. Students who have registered to challenge would normally not attend classes or laboratories. Courses which have previously been taken at the University of Manitoba may not be challenged for credit.

To be eligible to challenge for credit a student must first be admitted to a faculty or school of the University of Manitoba. Eligible students will be required to demonstrate their competence in the courses which they are challenging for credit. Where formal, written examinations are required, these will be generally scheduled during the regular examination sessions in April/May, June, August, or December.

For information regarding requirements, procedures, applications and fees a student should contact the office of the faculty or school in which the student is enrolled, or in the case of new students, the faculty or school to which the new student has been admitted.