Reserved Space in Classes

Space in course sections may be reserved for students in specific programs until the first week of August.  Unused reserved spaces will be available to eligible students after the reserve has been lifted.  All reserve details including dates and number of spaces is made available on the Class Schedule.

Several faculties require students to take courses offered by other faculties. In some cases, a certain amount of space is reserved to ensure that sufficient space is available to students in these programs.

Several courses that are required in specific Majors are over-subscribed. To ensure that students in Majors have reasonable access to required courses, faculties will set aside some or all of the space in specific course sections until the end of the initial registration period.

Registration Restrictions

When an entire section is restricted for the entire registration period for students in a specific program, registration restrictions are set. These restrictions may be set up to limit registration to the teaching faculty only, students in another faculty, or to students in specific programs (Majors).

Faculties may also limit the registration of their students in courses offered by other faculties.

Registration restrictions set up by the teaching faculty or the registration faculty in this manner are effective throughout the registration period.

To view registration restrictions look at the Schedule Detail by clicking on the Course title and number link when viewing the class schedule.


Schedule Entry – Click on the Course title and Number to see Detailed Class Information.