Time Conflicts

It is up to you to prepare a timetable that is free of conflicts. Aurora Student helps by not letting you register in courses and laboratories when there is a time conflict.

If you are registering in a course that spans two terms, you must ensure that both Part A and Part B do not conflict with other course sections in which you enrol.

Some course sections include information about the date and time of mid term tests. In the case of courses that are offered in many sections, mid term tests are scheduled in the evening or late afternoon, outside the normally scheduled class times. Although Aurora Student will not check for conflicts involving mid term tests, it is your responsibility that you ensure that you are available for the mid term test as scheduled.

The Summer Session class schedule on Aurora Student will include the final exam date, this cannot conflict with other courses in which you want to register.  Do not register for courses that have final exams scheduled for the same time, or for courses which result in three examinations on the same day; deferred examinations will not be granted.