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Important Notes
  • Registration: During the initial registration period (see below), registration is restricted by student number and you will only have one date to register for courses, between 9:00 am and 11:59 pm. Following this period, registration will be available to all students on a 24-hour basis until the final registration date for that course.
  • Gradual Space Release: During the initial registration period (see below), spaces in some high demand courses are released each day in equal numbers to ensure fair access for all students. For example, a course has 60 spaces and 15 spaces are released each day of the 4-day initial registration period. These courses will be identified by a comment included in the Aurora Class Schedule one week prior to the start of registration.
  • Summer Term Course Loads: Due to the compressed nature of Summer Term, students are cautioned not to overload themselves in taking too many courses at one time. Most students may register in a maximum of 18 credit hours in Summer Term, though some faculties/schools may have different limits. Course load limits may be extended at the discretion of the faculty, school or college in which you are registered.
  • Course Cancellations: Every effort is made to ensure that all courses listed in the Summer Session course schedule are offered. From time to time, however, courses are cancelled. In such an event, all students registered in the cancelled course are notified, and all fees associated with the cancelled course are reversed.
  • Examinations: The Summer Term class schedule includes Final Exam dates for many classes. Students may not register for courses where exams are scheduled for the same day and time. Accommodations may not be made for students who register for courses which result in Exam Conflicts - please check with a Student Advisor in your faculty, school, college or advising office.
  • Question about taking distance and online education courses? Visit Online Courses for more information.

Registration Access Times

The initial registration period for Summer Term 2019 will be 4-days long; Monday, March 25 to Thursday, March 28.

Limited Access Term Expiry Date for Summer Term Courses is Tuesday April  2, 2019 at 9 a.m.

Your Registration Time for Summer Term will be visible in your Aurora account the Monday prior to the start of registration. Please also review the Important Notes, above.

To determine your access time:

  • Log in to Aurora. Go to: Enrolment & Academic Records > Registration > Registration Time & Status.
  • While on this page you should also check to see if:
    • your current curriculum (program) information is correct.
    • you have any Holds that will prevent registration (including Advisor Holds for students in specific programs);
    • your academic status prevents registration (e.g. academic suspension);
    • your record is not currently active due to an absence from university.
  • If you have a Hold that prevents registration, click the View Holds link at the bottom of the page to see what type of Hold has been applied.

  • Review this chart:

    Registration Dates

    Last two digits
    of Student #

    March 25


    March 26


    March 27


    March 28


    March 29

    Registration re-opens for all students at 1:00 pm

Summer 2019 Registration Revision, Refund, and Voluntary Withdrawal Deadlines

Unless otherwise noted in the Class Schedule Listing, the following registration revision deadlines will apply. Please see the appropriate category, below. If you are uncertain in which session your class is being offered, refer to the "Part of Term" information in the Class Schedule.

For more information, please visit: Withdrawal from Classes, Refunds.

Part of Term Drop Date Add Date Refund Deadline Voluntary Withdrawal Deadline (no refund)






Distance Ed Summer May 17 May 20 May 17 July 12
May Day May 8 May 9 May 8 May 23
May/June Day May 8 May 9 May 8 June 13
May/June Expanded May 10 May 13 May 10 June 13
May/June Evening May 10 May 13 May 10 June 11
May/August Evening May 10 May 13 May 10 July 16
June Day June 5 June 6 June 5 June 19
June/August Evening June 28 July 2 June 28 July 30
July Day July 4 July 5 July 4 July 18
July/August Day July 4 July 5 July 4 August 9
July/August Expanded July 8 July 9 July 8 August 9
August Day July 31 August 1 July 31 August 15
Irregular Dates

By Course – view the class schedule information for the course
How to determine refund and withdrawal dates for single term courses

Summer 2019 Course and Exam Dates

For course and exam date ranges, please see the appropriate category below. If you are uncertain in which session your class is being offered, refer to the "Part of Term" information in the Class Schedule.

Specific exam dates are found in the Aurora Class Schedule, except for Distance & Online Education courses. When available, exam schedules for Distance & Online Education courses can be found at: Final Examinations.

Part of Term

Course Dates

Exam Dates
Distance Ed Winter/Summer (Part B) January 7 to July 6 July 3 to 6

Distance Ed Summer

May 6 to August 2

August 6 to 13
May Day May 6 to 29 May 31 to June 1 
May/June Day May 6 to June 25 June 27 to 28
May/June Expanded May 6 to June 25 June 27 to 28
May/June Evening May 6 to June 20

June 21 to 22

May/August Evening May 6 to August 8 August 9 to 10
June Day June 3 to 25 June 27 to 28
June/August Evening June 24 to August 8 August 9 to 10
July Day July 2 to 24 July 26 to 27
July/August Day July 2 to August 21 August 23 to 24
July/ August Expanded July 2 to August 21 August 23 to 24
August Day July 29 to August 21 August 23 to 24
Irregular Dates Dates vary between April 1 to August 31; refer to the Aurora Class Schedule for exact course date.



REMEMBER to make sure you contact an academic advisor if:

• You are unsure of your course selection and program requirements.
• You are planning to take an equivalent course.
• Your program or courses require advisor approval.

Undergraduate Advisors | Graduate Departments

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