Registering in Spanned Courses
Spanned Courses

Courses taught over two terms of study are referred to as ‘spanned’ courses. These courses are split into to two course sections – one part in each of the two terms.

For example, if a course is taught from September to April, over both Fall and Winter Terms - Part A will be taught in Fall Term; Part B will be taught in Winter Term.

Important: You must complete both Part A and Part B to be given credit for the course.

Registering for a spanned course

To register in  a course that spans Fall and Winter, or in the case of some Distance and On-line Education courses – Winter and Summer, all you have to do is add ‘Part A’ of the course.  The Aurora Student system will automatically register you in the corresponding ‘Part B’ section.

Dropping or Voluntarily Withdrawing from a spanned course

No matter when you Drop or Voluntarily Withdraw from a spanned course, you will be removed from both parts of the course.

  • Choose the Fall Term when dropping or withdrawing from a spanned course in Fall and Winter Terms.
  • Choose the Winter term when dropping or withdrawing from a spanned course in Winter and Summer Terms.

You will automatically be dropped from both Part A and Part B terms of the course.  You will not receive any credit if you have completed the first half of the course.