This page serves as a source of information for students registering for degree credit courses at the University of Manitoba. The links to the right can be used for easy navigation of registration information and instructions.

Registration for Fall 2016 – Winter 2017  |  Registration for Summer 2017

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Winter/Summer Term 2017 spanned course registration 

The registration date for distance and online education Winter/Summer spanned courses has been changed to December 8, 2016

*NEW* for 2016-2017 Course Registration

Select courses will include a Waitlist function, allowing students to be added to a waitlist and notified when a space becomes available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students must have a U of M email account to receive Waitlist notifications.

General Registration Information

  • There are many steps that make up the registration process, many of which should be accomplished prior to registering for classes.
  • Registration in most undergraduate and many graduate programs is completed using Aurora.  This system can be accessed by internet only; students who live in areas without internet access should contact their advising office for assistance: Undergraduate, Graduate.
  • Before registering, students should review the Steps to Registration and view the Online Registration Tutorials.
  • Only students who have been officially admitted to the University may register: Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions.  Please also refer to Registration Step 5: Confirm your ability to register.
  • Remember to withdraw from courses you do not plan to attend; failure to pay fees will not cancel your registration!

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Academic advisors - always here for you!

Need more help? If you still have questions after going through the tutorials and reviewing your faculty/school section of the Academic Calendar, please contact your advising office: Undergraduate, Graduate.

 Updated December 21, 2016