Personal Information
You may update/make changes to your personal information by accessing Aurora Student and then selecting Personal Information.

Email, Mailing Address and Phone Numbers

In order to receive important communications from the university, it is essential that you update Aurora with your current address and phone number, and claim a university email account.

Most communication regarding registration, classes and graduation will be made via email to students’ UM email account.  To claim a University of Manitoba email account go to: U of M ClaimID 

Any mail will be directed to your current address provided. You may provide more than one address, as long as the dates of effectiveness do not overlap.

Your primary phone number is the phone number associated with your current address. Additional phone numbers may be provided (eg., cell phone or business phone).

To update your address or phone number, log in to Aurora Student. Go to Personal Information and select Update Addresses and Phones

Change of Legal Name

If you have legally changed your name since you first applied to university, a completed Request for Change of Legal Name form and all required documentation must be submitted to the Registrar’s office.

The University of Manitoba uses your full legal name on its records, transcripts, and on graduation documents. Abbreviated or anglicized names should not be used unless they have been legalized with documentation.

Preferred Name

Your preferred name is a name by which you are normally addressed, and is different from your legal name. The Preferred Name Procedure enables students to use an alternate preferred name for certain purposes while studying at the University of Manitoba.

Students who wish to use a preferred name should enter this information into Aurora Student as soon as possible in order to ensure that their preferred name is used as widely as possible.

How to designate a Preferred Name

Students may designate a preferred name through Aurora Student. (Staff may designate a preferred name through Employee Self Service).

Step 1 Login in to Aurora Student:
  • Select the Personal Information tab
  • Enter your preferred name and save. Changes in Aurora Student will be immediate.
  • Step 2

    The next day, the student should come to the ID Center  to get a new ID card showing their preferred name. 

    Step 3

    Students may also want to update their computer account by submitting a service request to the IST Help Desk.


    Updated June 20, 2018.