Returning to Study
All students who voluntarily withdrew from their first-year programs in faculties other than Agricultural and Food Sciences, Arts, Human Ecology or University 1, must reapply.

Former students who have attended other institutions since their last registration at the University of Manitoba must apply to Enrolment Services, for re-admission, unless the other institution was attended on a letter of permission.

All students who initially registered in Agricultural and Food Sciences, Arts, Extended Education, Education, or Human Ecology but have not been in attendance for up to five years, may re-register if they are in good academic standing and have not attended another institution since their last attendance at the University of Manitoba. Returning students in this category must contact their faculty prior to registration.

Students whose past registration was in these faculties but who have not been in attendance for more than five years, and students registered in Engineering, University 1 or Science who have not attended for one year or more, and have not taken courses in another faculty or school subsequently may register without going through admissions. However, students must contact their faculty prior to registering, to have their student record reset and to ensure that work previously completed complies with current program requirements.

All students who were admitted to the Asper School of Business, Dental Hygiene, Environmental Design, School of Art, Nursing, Music, Physical Education and Recreation Studies, where there is limited enrolment, and who have not been in attendance for one year or more, must make formal application to re-register to the office of the dean or director before June 1. Their acceptance back into the program will be subject to quota restrictions and compliance with existing program requirements.

Students who wish to change to a different faculty or school, or who are no longer eligible to continue in one program of studies at the University of Manitoba, may apply for admission to another faculty or school by the
deadline date indicated in the academic schedule, and must meet the entrance requirements of the faculty of choice.

Graduates who wish to take further courses in their own faculty, but not towards a degree, must apply for readmission as a “special student.”