Cancelling Your Registration

If after registering for courses, you decide not to attend, it is your responsibility to withdraw.  Students on Hold must contact their home faculty for assistance in withdrawing from courses as this ‘registration’ function will not be accessible in Aurora Student.

You are financially and academically responsible for all courses in which you are registered after the Revision deadline. The University of Manitoba will not cancel/de-register you from current term courses if you fail to pay your fees.

Students who fail to pay for courses will be placed on Hold and will be de-registered from courses that begin in Winter or any other future term. You will be responsible for Fall Term and courses that span Fall/Winter, but will be de-registered from Winter Term courses.  Failure to withdraw through normal procedures will result in a grade being assigned to all courses in which you are still enrolled at the end of term.

Students with outstanding balances after the Revision deadline will be subject to a second late payment fee of $40.00. This amount will be added to your fee balance.

Students who are de-registered from courses in a future term may re-register only after outstanding fees have been fully paid. Re-registration is subject to space availability.

Students who are placed on Hold will be denied access to most academic and administrative services until full payment is received.