Incomplete Grades
A student who is unable to complete the term work prescribed in a course may apply to the instructor prior to the end of lectures for an incomplete grade and time extension for work completion. It is understood that the student is to write the final examination if one is scheduled for the course.

Taking into account the results of the final examination, the value of the term work completed, and the extent of the incomplete term work, the instructor shall calculate the temporary grade using a zero value for incomplete work. In no case will the satisfaction of the incomplete requirements cause a grade to be lowered.

The following maximum time extensions are allowed: August 1, for courses terminated in April; December 1, for courses terminated between May and August; April 1, for courses terminated in December. If a final grade is not
reported within one month of the extension deadline, the letter “I” will be dropped, and the grade will remain as awarded. The student’s opportunity to improve the grade will have lapsed.