Field Work Fees

Field Work Fees cover expenses for student activity that takes place outside university facilities that are paid by the teaching department on behalf of students. Field Work fees may cover accommodations, transportation, meals and/or group admissions.

These fees are compulsory for all students enrolled in the courses to which they are applied and are normally non-refundable after registration. As the university teaching department may have paid out expenses on behalf of registered students, once you register for a class with a Field Work fee you are normally responsible for the fee even if you drop the class before it begins.

Students intending to drop a course with a Field Work fee prior to the start of a class must consult the teaching department to determine if they may be eligible for a refund of Field Work fees. 

Courses with Field Work fees are noted in Class Schedule comments. To determine the amount of fees associated with a course, first view the course in the Class Schedule. If a comment indicates a Field Work fee will be assessed, click on the course number and title to view class details. Field Work fees will be classified as ‘Base Fees’. Field Work fees are assessed in addition to course tuition fees.