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Late Registration with Late Fees

You may use Aurora to register during the registration revision periods (see Important Dates.) If your initial registration is after the start of the term, you will be assessed late registration fees in addition to the normal fees:

  • Registered in less than 9 credit hours in the Term: $25.00
  • Registered in 9 credit hours or more in the Term: $50.00

Fees for late registrations are due at the end of the registration revision period (see Important Dates)

Check your fee balance on Aurora.

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Late Payment of Fees

Students with outstanding balances after the published fee payment deadlines, and again after the end of the registration revision period, will be assessed a late payment fee.  Details are available from the Fee Payment website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who no longer wish to attend classes must withdraw from them prior to the end of the revision period to receive a refund.  Students will remain responsible for fees associated with any course not withdrawn from.

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Sponsored Students

If your fees are to be paid by an outside agency, you must have your sponsoring agency complete and submit a Tuition Sponsorship form available from Revenue, Capital and General Accounting. These arrangements must be made before the fee payment deadline to avoid late payment penalties or Holds on student accounts.

Details and the Tuition Sponsorship form are available from the Sponsorship Information website.

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Fee Payment Deferrals for Student Aid recipients

If you are expecting a Government Student Loan, you may be eligible for a fee payment deferral. Tuition fee deferrals may be arranged prior to the fee payment deadline when students have unforeseen delays in receiving their government student loans. Deferrals are only for students with current Government student loans; no other payment extensions/plans are available through the Financial Aid & Awards Office.

Details are available from the Finacial Aid & Awards website.

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