Continuing Fees

The Board of Governors has approved a tuition fee increase on all program and ancillary fees for 2018-2019; new fee rates have been posted.

A graduate student whose program of study extends over more than the period described in the Graduate Fees section is required to register in each succeeding year, and is charged the Continuing Fee.  The Continuing Fee is assessed at the rate in effect at the time of the assessment.

2018-2019 Continuing Fee:  $799.08 per year ($399.54 per fall and winter term)

Students who are assessed the Continuing Fee are also assessed other applicable fees, including Student Services Fees, Endowment Fees, and Student Organization Fees. Refer to Other Compulsory Fees  and Other Graduate Student Fees.

If a student neglects to register and is permitted to resume studies at a later date, the Continuing fees for each year missed will be assessed.

Updated June 29, 2018